New Mexico High School Soccer Ratings 2015

This posting covers game results for the 2015 soccer season.
Update 10/24/2015 at 11:30 PM: New ratings for games reported by 10:30 PM 10/24/2015

The strength ratings and RPI scores calculated here are based on all 2015 games reported to NMAA as of
10:30 PM on 10/24/2015.
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2015 Season Rankings for Boys Varsity Teams       (Full Chart)

BV Top Ten Summary

BV (1A-4A)       (BV (1A-4A) Chart)
Only BV 5A       (BV 5A Chart)
Only BV 6A       (BV 6A Chart)

2015 Season Rankings for Girls Varsity Teams       (Full Chart)

GV Top Ten Summary

GV (1A-4A)       (GV (1A-4A) Chart)
Only GV 5A       (GV 5A Chart)
Only GV 6A       (GV 6A Chart)

Last week's ratings for games through 10/19/2015

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